• FY-13 Budget Cuts

    Posted on February 27, 2012 by in Budget

    Jessica Hayes, CRSS - Executive Director

    Welcome to the first edition of ‘Updates from the desk of Executive Director Hayes’

    This interactive portion of the website allows Executive Director Hayes to give updates on topics such as: what is happening at the ICB office, what is trending for the professionals, the State’s budget, collaborations and “what’s next”!

    On February 23, 2012 Executive Director Hayes met with DASA Director Theodora Binion to bring to light several issues critical to professionals certified by the Illinois Certification Board, d/b/a IAODAPCA. Topics surrounding FY’13 budget cuts, healthcare reform, certified associate addictions professionals and specialized training in anger management and LGBT were discussed. Director Binion confirmed she had no plans to change 2060.309 as it relates to certified professionals and urged continued education for all professionals as well as identifying career paths and avenues for the non-traditional student to obtain Associate’s degrees and subsequent degrees while they work in the field. Collaboration is the key and both Director Hayes and Director Binion are committed to keeping lines of communication open. Director Binion commented “My certification is proudly displayed on my wall. That’s where I started in this field and it means something to me.”



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