2021 Spring Conference – Session Handouts

The following are handouts for the 2021 Spring Conference. Click on each link to download.

Change Log:
Initial load: March 18, 2021
Updated: March 22, 2021 (Workshop 6 added)

Monday, March 22

KeynoteRecovery: What Does It Mean? (Alexander, Phillips, Carty, Hernandez)
Workshop ALooking Forward: Moving Families Past Chaos (Phillips)
Workshop BSuicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention (McNeilly)
EveningSecondary Trauma and Self Care (Pinkston)

Tuesday, March 23

KeynoteExperiences Regarding Clinical Supervision (Howell, Fonda, Gracia, Buino)
Workshop CGetting the Most Out of Supervision:
A Supervisee’s Guide to Professional Growth (Moran, Madison)
Workshop DSupervision for Supervisors:
Clinical Supervision Skills and How to Individualize Supervision (Barnwell)
Workshop EAlways Daring Distraction: Addiction and ADD (DeMoss)
Workshop FThe Incarcerated Veteran:
The Complicating Factors of Substance Use Disorders, Mental Illness and Moral Injury (Troiani)

and Research Briefing Paper
EveningCognitive Reframing: Authentic Versus Traditional (DeMoss)

Wednesday, March 24

Full DayFinding Your Leadership Voice
(A Training of Leaders Presentation) (Henry, Pinkston, Donavon, Delegatto)
Workshop 1 The Harm Reduction Model – What’s It All About? (Siegel)
Workshop 2Marijuana: Legal, Medical and Unknown (Webber)
Workshop 3Good Grief: Helping Clients With Substance Use Disorders,
Mental Illness and Co-Occurring Disorders Cope With Loss (Sanders)
Workshop 4Using the Motivational Interviewing Model of Recovery
and the Integration of Support Groups (Rosenfeld)
Workshop 5Think Teens Don’t Gamble? Think Again! (Pindiur, Thielen)
Workshop 6An Overview of ASAM and 2060 (Garcia)

Thursday, March 25

Full DayTraining of Trainers Event:
Preparing the Next Generation of Trainers
(A Training of Trainers Presentation)
(Carty, Sanders, Rosenfeld, Gage)
Workshop 7The String That Ties It All Together:
The Importance of Clinical Documentation (Howell, O’Boyle)
Workshop 8Cultural Competency 101 (Dunbar)
Workshop 9Say Her Name:
AOD, Criminal Justice and Health Equity for Women (Madison)
Workshop 10Ethical Dilemmas and Critical Incidents (Rafeedie)
Workshop 11The Joys and Sorrows of Being an Addiction Counselor (Nicholson)
Workshop 12Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)
and Adolescent Substance Use Disorders: Implications for Treatment (Nazon)
EveningDocumentation for Supervision (Van Natta)

Friday, March 26

Worskhop 13The Science of Happiness to Help Clients Maintain
Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Recovery (Sanders)