2019 Spring Conference – Session Handouts

The following are handouts for the 2019 Spring Conference. Click on each link to download.

Change Log:
Initial load: March 5, 2019
Updated Workshop 2 Presenter: March 7, 2019
Updated Workshop 12 Download: March 8, 2019

Monday, March 18
Workshop A Vicious Cycle: The Challenges of Recovery from Addiction and Trauma Don Pinkston

Kim Pinkston

Workshop B Effectively Addressing the Full Range of Clients Brian Lengfelder Download
Workshop C What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg: Substance Use Disordered Adolescents and Co-Occurring Disorders Stella Nicholson Download
Workshop – Evening Something Old and Something New: Substance Use Disorder and the Family Stella Nicholson Download
Tuesday, March 19
Workshop D Adult Children of Disordered Parents Cheri DeMoss
Workshop E Those Who Are Serving and Have Served in the Military: An Examination of the Behavioral Health Impact on Their Families and Loved One Joseph E. Troiani
Workshop F Tailoring Addictions Treatment: A Focus on the Unique Treatment Needs of Men and Women Seeking Recovery Mark Sanders Download – 1
Download – 2
Workshop G Clinical Blind Spots: Behavioral Addictions Brian Lengfelder Download
Wednesday, March 20
Workshop 1 Special Populations and Problem Gambling Robby Fuqua
Workshop 2 The CRSS Roles, Responsibilities, and Scope of Practice Kathryn Dittemore
Workshop 3 Navigating the Secretary of State Hearing Process Michael R. Johnson
Judd Goldrich
Workshop 4 Who is the Client? Meet the Family Nancy J. Phillips Download
Workshop 5 Medication Assisted Therapy for Opioid Use Disorder: Evidence based Antidote to the Prescription Drug and Heroin Crisis John A. Peterson Download
Workshop 6 Illinois Specific National Certified Recovery Specialist (NCRS) Dora Dantzler-Wright Download
Workshop 7 When the Titanic Meets the Iceberg: Addressing the Trauma Beneath Addiction, Mental Illness, Criminality, and Self Harming Behavior Mark Sanders Download
Workshop 8 The Effectiveness of HIV and Hep C Treatment in IDOC Prisons Through Telemedicine Brian W Drummond
Thursday, March 21
Workshop 9 Staying Nimble in a Challenging Environment: Lessons in Leadership from the Opioid Pandemic Michael Moran

Don Pinkston

Workshop 10 Counseling Older Male Clients Bob Carty Download
Workshop 11 Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Programs Within the Criminal Justice System Timothy O’Boyle
Workshop 12 ICB Ethics Code and Procedure Michael Durr

Joseph Lokaitis

Workshop 13 Energizing Your Counseling Groups! Bob Carty
Workshop 14 Strategies for Developing and Delivering Quality Presentations George K. Rafeedie
Workshop 15 This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain in Recovery. Any Questions? Laura Donavon

Katie Johns

Workshop 16 Update on Synthetics Kirk Moberg
Thursday Evening Workshop Should I Stay or Should I Go? A Discussion About Client Retention Kim Pinkston

LaZheta Richardson

Friday, March 22
Workshop 17 Overview of Common Behavior Disorder David Schilling