2020 Spring Conference – Session Handouts

The following are handouts for the 2020 Spring Conference. Click on each link to download.

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Monday, March 16 
Workshop ALooking Forward: Moving Families Past ChaosNancy J. Phillips
Workshop BSuicide Prevention and Crisis InterventionCatherine McNeilly
Tuesday, March 17 
Workshop CTrauma-Informed Services and PracticesTonier Cain
Workshop DAlways Daring Distraction: Addiction and ADDCheri DeMos
Workshop EThe Incarcerated Veteran: The Complicating Factors of Substance
Use Disorders, Mental Illness and Moral Injury
Joseph E. Troiani
Wednesday, March 18 
Worskhop 1The Harm Reduction Model – What’s It All About?Sandra Siegel
Worskhop 2Marijuana: Legal, Medical and UnknownRandall Webber
Worskhop 3Responding to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Treatment and
Recovery Services
Gabriela Zapata-Alma
Worskhop 4Using the Motivational Interviewing Model of Recovery and the
Integration of Support Groups Sandra Siegel
Sandra Siegel
Worskhop 5Think Teens Don’t Gamble? Think Again!Anita Pindiur
Elizabeth Thielen
Worskhop 6An Overview of ASAM and 2060Laura Garcia
Workshop TOTPreparing the Next Generation of Trainers: A Training of Trainers Presentation (Full Day Training)Bob Carty
Mark Sanders
Joseph Rosenfeld
Kellie Gage
Thursday, March 19 
Worskhop 7The String That Ties It All Together: The Importance of Clinical
Dona Howell
Timothy O’Boyle
Worskhop 8CulturalCompetency101LawrenceDunbar
Worskhop 9Say Her Name: AOD, Criminal Justice and Health Equity for
Bakahia Madison
Worskhop 10Ethical Dilemmas and Critical IncidentsGeorge K. Rafeedie
Worskhop 11The Joys and Sorrows of Being an Addiction CounselorStella M. Nicholson
Worskhop 11Handout 2Stella M. Nicholson
Worskhop 12Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and Adolescent Substance
Use Disorders: Implications for Treatment
Maryse Nazon
Friday, March 20 
Worskhop 13The Role of Providers and the Entire Community in Breaking
Intergenerational Patterns of Addiction, Dark Secrets and Trauma
with Individuals and Families
Mark Sanders