2017 Fall Conference – Session Handouts

The following are handouts for the 2017 Fall Conference. Click on each link to download.
(Updated 10/09 – Added All)

Monday: October 16, 2017

Workshop A – DeMoss – Watch Your Mouth! The Art of Crafting Your Words for More Client Impact
Workshop B – Nicholson – If Working in the Substance Use Field Is Supposed to Be a Bowl of Cherries, Then Why Do I Feel Like
I’m in the Pits?

Tuesday: October 17, 2017

Workshop C – Sanders – How to Become the World’s Best Counselor
Workshop D – Troiani – “The Crisis of Suicide Among Veterans:
Understanding the Role of Substance Use, Combat
Stress, Posttraumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain
Injury, Moral Injury, and Homelessness
Workshop E – DeMoss – Emotional Snipers and Their Targets

Wednesday: October 18, 2017

Workshop F – Schilling – Practical Strategies for Effective Assessments
Workshop G – Phillips – Moving Forward: Working with Families of Emerging Adults
Workshop H – Diel, Rafeedie – Ethical Navigation of Social Media, Texting, Tweets, and Snapchats
Workshop I – Schilling – FirstEpisode Psychosis: Identification, Interventions, and Recovery Strategies
Workshop J – Carty – Engaging Male Clients in the Change Process
a) Engaging Male Clients
b) Clinical Summary
Workshop K – Nicholson – Suicide Prevention: Looking at Life Through the Eyes of the Suicidal Adolescent

Thursday: October 19, 2017

Workshop L – Sanders – Father Hunger and Father Wounds: Clinical Interventions with Chemically Dependent Men
and Women Who Are Impacted by Fatherlessness Across the Lifespan
Workshop M – Carty – Facing the Opioid Crisis
Workshop N – Rosenfield – Ethical Issues for Leaders
a) Vignettes
b) Ethics Slides
Workshop O – Howell, Vicher – Using Toltec Principles with Criminal Justice Clients
Workshop P – Rosenfeld – Clinical Supervision: What Are Early Career Practitioners Looking For?
a) Main Presentation
b) Learning Plan
c) Self Assessment
d) Supervisory Meeting Record
Workshop Q – Sanders – It’s a Family Affair: Understanding and Working with Adolescents, Young Adults, and Their Families

Friday: October 20, 2017

Workshop R – Lengfelder – Clinical Education and Interventions for Defense Structures of Mentally Ill and Addicted Populations