2018 Spring Conference – Session Handouts

The following are handouts for the 2018 Spring Conference. Click on each link to download.
(Updated March 28, 2018 – Added Workshop 5 and 7 handouts)

Monday: March 19, 2018

Workshop A – Father Hunger and Father Wounds: Clinical Interventions with Chemically Dependent Men and Women Who Are Impacted by Fatherlessness Across the Lifespan – Mark Sanders

Workshop B – The Interrelatedness of Addiction Treatment and the Criminal Justice System – Brenda J. Barnwell and Tina J. Varney

Workshop C – First Episode Psychosis: Identification, Interventions, and Recovery Strategies – David W. Schilling

Monday Evening Workshop – Substance Abuse Treatment and Domestic Violence: A Silent Yet Devastating Healthcare Problem – Laura Garcia and Yvette Medina

Tuesday: March 20, 2018

Workshop D – Emotional Snipers and Their Targets – Cheri DeMos

Workshop E – The Crisis of Suicide Among Veterans: Understanding the Role of
Substance Use, Combat Stress, Posttraumatic Stress, Traumatic
Brain Injury, Moral Injury, and Homelessness – Joseph E. Troiani

Workshop F – Holistic Treatment Techniques for Criminal Justice Clients – Dona Howell

Workshop G – Training of Trainers – Bob Carty,  Mark Sanders, and Laura Garcia

Wednesday: March 21, 2018

Workshop 1 – Recovery Coaching – Finding New Roads – David O’Donnell, Amy Burrow, and LaRonda Fisher
Workshop 2 – Emerging Issues in Problem Gambling – Ashley Trantham        Handout 2
Workshop 3 – Attachments, Affect, Anxiety, Addiction – BrianLengfelder
Workshop 4 – What’s Your Why? A Live Case Study in the Treatment of Opioid Addiction – Jamelia R. Hand, with
Special Guest Recovery Advocate Jill Klee
Workshop 5 – Building a Recovery Community Organization – Rex E. Alexander
Workshop 6 – Opioids: Historical Perspective and Current Trends – Kirk Moberg
Workshop 7 – Life’s Transitions: Addressing Treatment and Recovery with a Team Approach From Adolescence to Young Adulthood – Kellie Gage and Aireal Weber
Workshop 8 – The Role of Substance Use in Media – Lawrence A. Dunbar

Thursday: March 22, 2018

Workshop 9 – Parenting in Recovery: Helping our clients restore their Parenting Role – Laura Garcia
Workshop 10 – Clinical Supervision: What Are Early Career Practitioners Looking For? – Joseph Rosenfeld
Workshop 11 – Grantwriting with Purpose: Tips for Effective Use of Funding Opportunities (A Training of Leaders Presentation) Pamela Woll, Rick Nance, and Richard Sherman, Ph.D

Hand out 1
Hand out 2
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Hand out 5

Workshop 12 – Trauma Sensitive Care – Kim Pinkston
Workshop 13 – Ethical Navigation of Social Media, Texting, Tweets, and Snapchats – Patricia Diel, George K. Rafeedi
Workshop 14 – Our Stories Have Power: Recovery Community Messaging – Nina J. Henry  Hand out 2  Hand out 3
Workshop 15 – Suicide Prevention: Looking at Life Through the Eyes of the Suicidal Adolescent – Stella M. Nicholson
Workshop 16 – Moving Forward: Working with Families of Emerging Adults – Nancy J. Phillips

Friday: March 23, 2018

Workshop 17 – Integrating Addiction Recovery and Trauma Healing in Treatment – Bob Carty, James E. Nicholas, and Vanessa Lowrey